Welcome to the collectors auction

"Our story continues in the 21st century"

like the Winter brothers in the 20th century expanded their business - founding an auction house, where they sold antique and numismatic items - helping Finnish, Russian and European collectors to find a "pearl" or other interesting articles.

Inspired by the story, we in Fin Kauppahuone also want to help people fulfil their dreams.

In North-Karelia, the idea to combine the benefits of internet-auctions with the traditional auctions and to make auctioning simple and efficient had already born at the end of 1900s. The road to the current day has been rocky and sometimes drowning swamp, but our will to help collectors has given us faith in succeeding.

Let it be mentioned, that the auction-application built by our core team was the first used in Finland already at the beginning of the 21st century, and presented to a larger audience in the Finnish Association of Numismatic Societies auction in 2005. Today the basic application is used by many collector clubs because of it's ease of use. The work to bring the application to the internet has been trial and error, and we have tried to learn of the mistakes. Thanks to discussions with numismatists, collectors and other interested people we are close to our goal in fall 2014.

The collectorfs auction is an internet-based auction site, and we will try to hold 2-4 auctions every year. Some of the auctions will be held as only in the internet, and some will be combined internet and traditional auctions. In every auction we will try to find as wide selection of different collectables as possible. The items will not all come from Fin Kauppahuone, but most will be from third parties. To guarantee an excellent evaluation of the items, Fin Kauppahuone uses specialists.

Register in the collectors oasis and find your own pearl and experience exciting moments seeing how your bids fare. Together we can improve collecting and create an interesting and inspiring auction spanning whole Europe.

Welcome to join us, and find that pearl of your dreams

Fin Kauppahuone Team