Our story begins

The story begins in Vyborg around year 1812, when the old Finnish region was joined with the rest of Finland. At this time was born the oldest of the Winter brothers, Johan. As time passed, Johan ended up as a merchant in Kotka. When Norwegians founded a saw there, Johan expanded his selection to include both basic articles, as well as the luxury items his new customers were used to in their homeland. 

The saws brought great wealth to the region, and development was fast. When Johan Winter passed away at the end of 19th century, his sons took over the business. As Finland became wealthier during the industrialization in the 20th century, the Winter brothers kept expanding their business, founding an auction house where they sold antique and numismatic items - helping Finns, Russians, as well as Europeans, to find a "pearl", or other interesting articles.

Inspired by this story, we too want to help people fulfil their dreams.